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About: Gitte. 25. Photographer. Austin, TX. This is my secondary blog so any follows will be under my main blog Jane-cat (yea, it's annoying)

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Am I a hypocrite for deciding to wear a dress today? Like if I had a packer I’d so wear it with the outfit because I like a touch of feminine with a nice splash of “here’s my cock.” I drank too strong of coffee today and my mind is going through stupid loops, I apologize. I can’t stop shaking. Crap crap crap.

  1. 17-honey-bunches-of-goats said: Nope I see no hypocrisy
  2. silencingthedrums said: I was going to wear my dick with my wedding dress so A++ not hypocritical at all
  3. heresalowerplace said: I would say no, but it’s not really my place to have an opinion on the subject.
  4. janecat posted this
gender junk it's a really nice vintage dress if that helps maybe I should take a picture? I feel like that won't help though