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About: Gitte. 25. Photographer. Austin, TX. This is my secondary blog so any follows will be under my main blog Jane-cat (yea, it's annoying)

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Yeah, I’m always getting accidental scratches. The other day, my cat got a claw stuck in the pad of my pointer finger. Dug in deep

Owie *gives you a bandaid* Yea I have all kinds of scratches everywhere. But they’re my babies and I love them! >.>  <.< yes.

*pours antiseptic over your wound and sits back* :> oh wait oops i accidentally tommy, sorry

Don’t you start with the Tommy thoughts or I’ll be wandering down that road of angsty Tommy/Jason sex! *shushes you over to my last fic* Go read cat Jason sitting on Bruce’s lap. 

  1. cornflakepizza said: HOW DID I MISS THAT FIC *runs off to read omfg*
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