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About: Gitte. 25. Photographer. Austin, TX. This is my secondary blog so any follows will be under my main blog Jane-cat (yea, it's annoying)

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Speaking of cats, just got a cat scratch straight up my wrist and into my palm. Ow ow ow owwwww. 

  1. cornflakepizza said: *pours antiseptic over your wound and sits back* :> oh wait oops i accidentally tommy, sorry
  2. ruein said: I’m on Skype. :O I got something for you that I’m hooking up for you.
  3. lunaexclamationpoint said: Yeah, I’m always getting accidental scratches. The other day, my cat got a claw stuck in the pad of my pointer finger. Dug in deep
  4. janecat posted this
Would you believe this was all on me? he was sleeping on my arm and then I pulled away and OUCH owwwww it burns :c