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Remaining Light pt17/??

Title: Remaining Light

Pairing: Dick Grayson / Jason Todd (Additional characters: Tim, Damian)

Rating: PG13-NC-17 

Genre: Sci Fi, Thriller(Horror), & assorted goodness 

Space AU

Notes: …I don’t even know >.>

Summary:  Pilot Dick Grayson has been teamed up much to his dismay with the rebellious pilot Jason Todd and two others to retrieve research from a medical station on another planet but the mission isn’t as simple as it seems.

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The siren blares and Dick turns to Jason, “Quick, put on one of their uniforms.” he points to a fallen guard, “We’ll move them out of the way.”

He expects more guards to rush in at any moment but even as Jason gets dress while he and the other Jason- who he really needs to think a better name for besides “the other Jason” -hide the bodies no one shows up. The three of them stand around the research lab waiting but still nothing except the warning signals.

“The fuck are they?” Jason asks.

“Maybe there’s another reason it went off.” the other Jason, Jay maybe, replies. 

It’s then that it hits, a searing pain that shoots through Dick’s back strong enough to make him cry out, his legs nearly buckling. Two pairs of hands are holding either arm and simultaneously asking if he’s alright. He tries to nod when the intensity spikes and leans in against Jay. 

“What’s wrong?” Jason asks, getting close.

“My back.”

“I thought it healed.” Jay says.

“Apparently not- Ah!”


The pain begins to subside and the warning announcement blares once more before leaving only the red lights blinking every few seconds.

“The fleet?” Dick mutters, “Tim was working on contacting them, you think they actually made it?”

“‘Bout damn time.” Jason says putting on a guard’s helmet, “Let’s go.”

The hallway is now jammed with guards and if there’s this many all these floors up Dick can only wonder about the number of soldiers floors below. The three of them keep close, with everyone dressed exactly alike getting separated is the last thing they want. Though of course with the luck they’ve had on the mission so far it’s the very first thing to happen as Dick is pushed back when they attempt to board an elevator together. The doors close before Dick can step in and another group shuffles him quickly off to the side. He’s alone and the two Jasons are going who knows where. 

  The best choice is to stay on the floor he’s on and wait for them to find him but simply standing around the hallway doing nothing will get him noticed. He walks further down brushing past more soldiers when the pain begins to dance up his spine again, Dick enters the next room he comes across hoping to find a little refuge in the meantime. It’s another lab, empty containers that, much like Jay said, look like glass coffins. Except for one, it looks to be newly open, whatever liquid that may have filled the thing now drained but still trailing on the glass. A sharp jolt in his lower back makes him hiss and place a hand against the container to steady himself. 

“Stay where you are.” a voice commands.

Dick startles, standing upright turning to the noise of the voice. His first thought is perhaps another clone but this person doesn’t have Jason’s height or build. They’re soaking wet, wearing short black tights, and pointing a gun right at him.

“Remove your helmet.”

He raises his hands slowly, doing his best not to pay any mind to the dull throb in his back, and takes off the helmet dropping it to his feet. The two men eye each other over but Dick doesn’t recognize him though there’s something that makes him feel like he should, especially when the other smiles at him. It’s not a relieved smile, it’s a pleased smile of a predator capturing its prey.

“It’s you.” the other man’s young, maybe around Tim’s age. His eyes glowing brightly, skin a lighter tan than Dick’s now paling one.

“How do you know me?”

“They didn’t tell you?” and Dick is beginning to want to wipe that smile off his face, “Well, that’s fine. Did you cause this?” he cocks his head towards a flashing light in the corner.

“I have no idea.” he says flatly. The pain rolls in hard enough his legs shake. Fists clenched to his sides, he forces himself to stay standing.

The young man’s eyes narrow, “You’re in pain.”

“I’m fine.”

“And stubborn. I like that. You’ve been disconnected from your machine too long.”

There’s a lot of things Dick would like to yell at this kid right now, who he even is being on the top of that list, “What the hell are you talking about?” 

“The machines give life, like me, but only when all the parts are together and working. Otherwise the machine fails or in your case… dies.” 

Dick tilts his head, how does he know about the machine or anything about the pain he’s in, “Who are you?”

“They needed a sample of your sperm to see if you were worth being part of the machine. I’m the result of that.”

He can’t- That can’t possibly mean what he thinks it means. He could accept all the injections, cloning, maybe even the machine, but this? This couldn’t be possible. 

The teen’s smile changes to a look of boredom, “If you’re expecting some father son moment you’re going to be disappointed. I’m grateful for your traits I’ve been given but you’re a donor to me, nothing more.”

“You say donor like I had a choice.” he says gruffly.

“It would’ve been eventually, will be. You’re going back and I’m taking you.” he gives a little wave of the gun.

Dick’s mind is racing, searching for any and all exits, pushing away the overwhelming feeling of insanity from the situation and the pain burning through him.

“Look,” he begins, his hands raised, “I don’t know what they’ve told you but these people, what they do… you’re just a science experiment to them.”

“I’m a soldier ready to serve her. You’re an idiot who doesn’t understand what kind of honor you’ve been given.”


The boy actually looks offended, “You don’t know?” He shrugs, “I’ll be sure to tell you about her once you’re nicely secured back in your machine.”

He takes a cautious step forward, “I have no interest in going back there and I suggest you put that down. You don’t wanna hurt me just as much as I don’t wanna hurt you.” 

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’m not like you and I will do whatever I have to fix what you messed up.”

When the teen steps forward Dick launches himself at him, the gun goes off grazing his arm as they crash into another glass container. The weapon dropping to the floor along with shards of glass. He manages to get back on his feet and land a decent blow to the other’s face but in his weakened state it doesn’t have enough impact as it should. A hard kick to Dick’s stomach sends him backward, glass crunching under him, his back screaming in pain on impact. 

The younger man straddles his stomach, picking up a shard of glass and holding it to Dick’s neck, “I won’t kill you. But, I could slice your vocal chords or even better cut out your tongue. They taught me that, isn’t it amazing?” his is smile wide, so much like his nurse it’s sickening. 

The glass presses into his skin and the burn of the fresh cut sends his hands searching the floor for the gun. The teen laughs scolding him by sliding the broken shard just slightly. He can feel the blood begin to drip down his neck, he has to find something, anything. 


“You’re going to create armies. You will serve her till your last breath.” the glass cuts deeper and he has no other choice.

Dick can feel the glass tearing through his glove into his palm while he tightly holds a shard and with all the strength he can muster stabs into his son’s the teen’s neck. He gives a horrible gurgled gasp as the boy slips backward, pulling out the shard without a second thought. Blood spurts out and he looks horrified while he tries to cover the wound with his hands. Dick watches as his eyes slowly dim in brightness, his mouth opening and closing trying to form words that only sound drowned and helpless. When the teen slumps to the side his eyes fade to a dull grey and Dick lies back on the floor, unable to find the energy to move.

  Blood rolls down the side of his neck, his vision blurring. At the sight of guards standing above him he thinks the fight completely pointless and a dry laugh falls from his lips.

“The fuck happened to you?” Jason, or Jay, he isn’t sure, asks him removing his helmet.

“I…” he starts and Jay, or Jason, he’s still not sure, helps him sit up.

Dick looks over at the fallen teen, blood pooled around his face staining it, he feels sick, “Let’s just get the hell out of here.”

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